Foreword| Volume 42, ISSUE 2, Pxiii-xiv, April 2023

Put Me in Coach!

      Ten years ago, when I was the Program Director for the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM), I came across a 2011 article by Atul Gawande in The New Yorker. Dr Gawande invited a senior surgeon into his operating room to observe his practice and provide the requested feedback. The idea intrigued me, and we put together a symposium for the 2013 AOSSM Annual Meeting on coaching. The details are included in the final article in this issue, but suffice it to say, the symposium was a success. Ten years later, as President of the AOSSM, I discussed resurrecting this symposium for the 2023 meeting with my program directors, and we decided to expand the focus to include mentorship and leadership. To this end, I have been closely following the development of the Feagin Leadership Program by my colleague and friend, Dr Dean Taylor. This program, which began in 2008, was developed to improve leadership training within medical education. So…who better to guest edit an issue on this topic for Clinics in Sports Medicine?
      It took some convincing, and perhaps Dean agreed to do this largely as a favor to me. So…thank you! Dr Taylor wisely invited some coeditors with coaching and leadership experience. Thank you, Dr Hettrich, former chair of the Emerging Leaders program at AOSSM; Dr Dickens, former West Point surgeon and fellowship program director; and Joe Doty, PhD, Executive Director of the Feagin Leadership Program and former deputy director for the Center of Army Professional Ethic. They invited a very talented group of authors to share their secrets on coaching, mentoring, and leadership. The result is a fantastic treatise on this topic that I encourage all to read cover to cover.
      As we bring many of these lessons to the AOSSM Annual Meeting this summer (July 13–16, 2023 in Washington, DC), I hope that this issue of Clinics in Sports Medicine will serve as a playbook for the symposium on this topic. I am excited to see how Dr Taylor, who is the next AOSSM President, takes this to the next level the following year in Denver, Colorado.